Best no code tools to help build your startup app or website

No-code development platform (NCDPs) allow non-programmers to create application software through simple user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional coding. Empowering designers and entrepreneurs a like to build a prototype or even the final product of their dreams.

We look at some of the best no code solutions to help you with your own startup and make your life easier.


One of the most established no code website development platforms on the market, it allows you to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas.

Webflow creates semantic HTML and CSS while allowing advanced animation and deep CMS functionality to allow you to build large and feature rich websites.

Editor X

Similar to Webflow, Editor X is still in beta and looks to be very promising. Editor X helps you build websites quickly without the need to code. Where Editor X differs from other visual website building platforms is in its marketing and SEO tools. It offers a way to create things like social media posts and EDMs in the same place.


Bubble allows you create interactive, multi-user apps for desktop and mobile web browsers and includes all the tools you need to build a site like Facebook or Airbnb.


One of the most promising platforms, Thunkable lets you build IOS, Android and Web apps all in one place and at one time.


Allows you to visually design, prototype and build voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, through an intuitive interface without the need to code.


Makerpad is a community and learning platform to help you get started on your no code journey. There is a wonderful and inquisitive community and bundles of articles and tutorials to help you get started with your project fast.

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