How to start your own photography business, fast

Starting a photography business is more than just being a good photographer and monetizing your images. It’s about going from hobbyist to professional and building something viable.

The good news is that there are key steps that you can follow to help you get started. Manageable and necessary, these steps will help your dream become a reality.

1. Evaluate Yourself

Take some time to look at what you are aiming for, what kind of lifestyle do you want, and don’t forget to evaluate the equipment you currently have.

2. Decide What Services You Will Offer

Based on your skills and interests, define your niche, and decide on the types of photography you want to specialize in.

3. Register Your Business with Ownr

Choose a unique business name that reflects your brand, and make sure to use a business registration service like Ownr to make sure the name you choose isn’t already taken.

4. Showcase Your Work

Now that you’ve created your business, you’ll need a professional website to showcase your work. Format has everything you need to build a mobile responsive website, integrate your social media feeds, and add a blog.

5. Attract Customers

Marketing your business is more than taking out an ad. Network by joining local meetups for entrepreneurs and build relationships with businesses and other creatives.

Head over to Format today for a more in-depth look at the above roadmap. While there, be sure to review all that Format has to offer your new photography business. More than just a great website, Format can help you grow your photography business by setting up a professional domain and email, create an online store, and more.

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