Is the right project management tool for your team?

Looking for a user-friendly tool to help with your project management and collaboration? is the perfect option. Offering a range of high quality features, the platform is a project management framework developed to provide you with an efficient way to organize your tasks.

Offering an intuitive and flexible interface, it is easily adaptable to unique work ethics of every team member. Delving into the details of the platform:

Templates comes with a vast database of project templates covering a large number of niches. You can easily integrate your workflow on these in just a few easy steps. Offering three options – departmental planning, daily task management and video production, the templates are also fully customizable, giving you full control over your content. There are a number of available widgets like maps and calendars, along with task prioritizing options available as well.

Third party applications

Another noteworthy feature of the platform is its ability to integrate with a number of third party applications, that can make collaboration amongst team members easier. You can integrate Dopbox, Excel, Google Calendar, Integromat, Slack and Trello, along with Mailchimp and Spotify to make the workflow more manageable and organized.

User Interface

The user interface is extremely simple and effortless to understand. You can easily navigate through different functionality even if you are not well versed in technical terminology. Featuring bright colors and buttons to shift through pages, it is not cluttered or congested, giving an aesthetic and clean outlook.

Customer Support

Customer support is available through live chat, webinars and tickets. The support team is knowledgeable and can help you solve your issues in no time.

Pros and cons of


  • User-friendly

  • Great templates

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Great task management

  • Gantt chart overview

  • Simple team collaboration


  • File storage is limited in the less costly plans

  • Activity log is limited in the basic plan

  • Advanced plans are slightly expensive


Overall, is a great, extremely user-friendly software that you can use to improve your team collaboration and organization. With a range of features packed into one platform, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your tasks. It is undoubtedly one of the best project management tools available in the market right now, with features that are not offered by other platforms.

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