The Best Natural Wine Delivery Service in Australia

The team behind some of Sydney’s most awarded and long-standing wine venues recently announced the launch of Laneway Liquor, a new online wine delivery service. Laneway Liquor is a wine delivery service featuring a collection of future classics and established unicorns. Laneway Liquor offers a new way for Australian’s to engage with a sommelier-curated selection of some of the best small volume, organic, biodynamic and natural wines from Australian and international producers. When Love, Tilly Devine served as an ad hoc drive through bottle-o during lockdown, they were blown away by the response. Although they'd never really thought about moving things online, they decided it’s their public duty to share the love. And by love, obviously they mean WINE. Laneway Liquor is part of a new focus by the group to start looking at ideas beyond the traditional bar / restaurant model to help us better navigate the uncertainty of 2021’s post-pandemic landscape.

Their online collection of wines will only get bigger. Currently they’ve got around 300 wines available, and they'll be adding more every week with the intention of doubling the number of current options. Soon there’ll be beer, spirits, food, merch, and all sorts of bits and pieces from producers they love.

The team says "We really wanted to provide access for people across Australia (not just us big city folks) to engage with a curated selection of wines that would only typically be available in the most established wine bars and restaurants". The wine selection will be a mix of accessible wines, as well as wines that are usually near impossible to find.

They like their wines with as little tinkering as possible. Almost all of their wines can be labelled as 'Natural Wines' but they prefer to just think of them as excellent wines made by talented winemakers from outstanding vineyards.

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